cartellieri's clarinet quartets

Do you like Mozart's chamber music? What about the clarinet? If you answered yes to both (or either), these clarinet quartets are for you. Antonio Casimir Cartellieri (1772-1807) overlapped both Mozart's final years and Beethoven's rise to fame. In fact, as a violinist he performed at the premieres of both Beethoven's Eroica  and Triple Concerto . However, he also wrote some chamber music that is widely unknown. It certainly isn't ground-breaking but it would be worth adding to your casual listening playlist. The clarinet has quite a prominent role, similar to what the first violin would normally have in a typical string quartet. Brew some coffee, put this on in the background and read the newspaper/make some pancakes/take a long bath/whatever you do on a Sunday'll be glad you did.

CARTELLIERI : Clarinet Quartet No. 2 in E-flat major : I : Allegro moderato

Dieter KlΓΆcker (clarinet) and Consortium Classicum


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There are three albums in this set done by Consortium Classicum. Clarinet Quartets, Vol. 1 has quartets 1, 2 and 4; Clarinet Quartets, Vol. 2 has quartet 3, an un-numbered quartet in D major as well as the divertimento for winds and strings; and Wind Sextets has all three Parthias for wind sextet.  They are all quite enjoyable...and rather perky; only one movement (the second adagio from Parthia No. 2) is in a minor key.

Clarinet Quartets
By A.C. Cartellieri