new take : romeo and juliet overture-fantasy for piano 4-hands

Romeo and Juliet "Fantasy-Overture" for Orchestra in B minor (Arr. N. Nadezhda for Piano four-hands)

Goldstone & Clemmow (piano)

moments to listen for:

-1:30 leading into the minor-arpeggiations

-8:30 leading into the "love" theme...which yes, for all of the younger generation has been immortalized as the make-out music from "The Sims" computer game (bigger climax of this theme is after 13:30 but i like this spot better. the triplets there sound too busy in the piano version)

So, I enjoy hearing familiar pieces reborn under new circumstances. A few good examples of this the orchestration of the Ravel Piano Trio i mentioned a while back...or the trumpet octet playing Shostakovich's Festive Overture...or Liszt's reductions of Beethoven's symphonies for solo piano

Get the recordings mentioned in this post:

This album, if the listener can accept the limitations of a piano, provides a new look at both the Romeo-Juliet Fantasy and Symphony No. 4. The Fantasy I believe is the most successful in its transition to the piano...because frankly hearing mvt.3 from Symphony No. 4 as anything other than a giant string section using pizzacato seems severely lacking. However, the rest of the Symphony heard this way is not without merit (especially the work required to play the entire last movement, which is already hard enough, on a piano) and is worth a listen if you can find a recording of it.

Four Hands at One Piano
By Tchaikovsky, Goldstone, Clemmow