suzuki books in the real world

So I had my music library on shuffle while I was finishing this Mahler outline (yes...they are on their way...I promise) and I was surprised to hear a song from the early Suzuki books...but not played on a cello. It was oboe! Like many music students/professionals/afficionatos...I have a rather large digital classical (meaning in the Western high art style...not just the period between Baroque and Romantic eras) library and a great portion of it has yet to be listened to.

yeah, that's from my own suzuki book.

So that's when I came across this, the Handel Bourrée from the end of Book 2...except it was being played by an oboe...and there was bassoon and harpsichord as well. Take a listen below...and clicking the image will take you to the album.

Sonata for Oboe and Continuo in F major, HWV. 353a : IV : Bourrée

Neil Black (oboe), Graham Sheen (bassoon), and George Malcom (harpsichord)

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