more crazy bassists : bottesini's duet for cello, double bass and orchestra

     Is it just me or does the word "bassists" have too many "s"? Either way, more awesome double bass action begins in the following clip at 6:35...though you should watch the whole thing if you have time. If you really love this and want to add a recording of this to your music library, I highly recommend the version with Gergely Járdányi (double bass), Miklós Perényi (cello), János Árs and Budapest Chamber Symphony.

Duet for Cello, Double Bass and Orchestra : Complete

Patrick Demenga (cello), Edicson Ruiz (double bass), Christian Vasquez and Orquesta Sinfonica Simon Bolivar

Get the recordings featured in this post:

While there are no recordings of these artists playing this piece, I highly recommend the recording with Miklos Perenyi (cello), Gergely Jardanyi (double bass) and Budapest Chamber Symphony.