when an iPod's hard-drive isn't big enough

Well. The day finally came. I maxed out my iPod Classic. = ( Not sure if this classifies as #firstworldproblems or #lifeofamusician…probably both. I know this sounds silly…especially since what good does having 3 months worth of audio on my iPod really do me? Maybe its the security of knowing its there if I need it. Or maybe knowing that whatever mood i’m in, where ever I am, I can do a few laps around that white circuit and know that I could have the best the 90s has to offer (because why should i have to chose between Backstreet Boys and N’Sync when I can just have both?) or one of Dvorak’s piano trios or the Vitamin String Quartet playing Lady Gaga or Ratatat. sometimes choice is a good thing…and I will miss it. = (