piatti's 3rd caprice at lightning speed

since crazy speed etudes seem to be a popular subject…here is piatti’s 3rd caprice.

the performer is Ruslan Biryukov…a notorious speed demon. back in high school, i remember going with a friend to USC to see Biryukov’s graduate recital. Eleonore Schoenfeld was still the cello professor at USC at that time and I remember seeing her in the audience. the program was rococo variations, paganini’s one string variations, shostakovich’s first cello concerto and haydn’s c major concerto. It was the first cello-solo recital/concert i had ever been to and I loved every minute of it…especially when, instead of program notes, he talked directly to the audience about the background of each piece. what i remember the most was the last movement of the haydn, where biryukov played so fast his pianist struggled to keep up.

since then, he has helped found an orchestra, performed all over southern california and continues to be as charismatic as he ever was. check this out…as with the last etude i posted…it has its pitchy moments…but all in all pretty damn impressive for anyone who has ever played that etude and knows how big a beast it is.