cello suite marathon @ colburn

So…this was my 4th time hearing all the bach suites played in a row/marathon…but this is the first time where it was done 100% by world class cellists. However, being a cellist in the audience its a clear reminder that the bach suites can trip up people who have been performing them their entire life. It got off to a bit of a rough start…but as soon as Miklós Perényi took the stage, it was a great ride to the end.

Frans helmerson (who i had never heard of before this festival) played an outstanding D minor suite…but the shining spot of the night was Jean-Guihen Queyras with the D major suite. As if he didn’t already prove he was a badass with a near flawless performance of Britten’s first cello suite the night before, the majority of his bach was nothing less than transcendent. honestly, it was dead silent in the hall as he played and you would have thought bach wrote the allemande of that suite specifically for him…i’m sure half the audience had goosebumps. i know i did. = )