Tovey - Sonata for Two Cellos in G major : I : Allegro vivace

Marcy Rosen and Frances Rowell (cello)

So I was searching around the web and stumbled upon this article about the Tovey (Donald Francis Tovey, 1875-1940) Sonata for 2 Cellos on the Strings Magazine website and that’s when the love affair started. Within an hour I had hunted down the piece on Naxos and listened and was blown away. The 20 minute sonata was written for Casals and Suggia back in 1912 but after a falling out it was never played until Marcy Rosen discovered the manuscript in the 1970s. Unfortunately it has yet to be published, but there should be a part in print by the end of this year.

This is just the first movement but I encourage all of you to find this recording and listen to it on Naxos or download it. I know I will be getting the sheet music as soon as its released and can’t wait to play it. Rosen herself said “There’s nothing else for two cellos of that magnitude and that kind of challenge, with such beauty”…and I can’t think of a better way to say it. Its simply amazing.

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