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Symphonie Fantastique, Op. 14 : II : Un Bal

David Zinmann and Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

The amazing CD I am listening to right now. Such an excellent playing of Symphonie Fantastique…but also of the Roman Carnival Overture and the Les Francs-Juges Overture. Great balance of sound and good dynamic contrasts. You’ll be damned if you aren’t off your feet dancing by the end of the carnival. Utterly excellent.

However, if you are sick of hearing Symphonie Fantastique (and i ask, how could you be?), give it a shot in a new form. believe it or not, Franz Liszt (all around badass) transcribed it for solo piano…Idil Biret (remember her from the Beethoven symphonies for piano post a while back?) made an excellent recording of it…so give it a listen. = )

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