say "happy halloween" with a cello horror movie!

The ultimate way a cellist can prepare for halloween….with a horror movie!

Gotta love Korean cinema…they will make a horror movie with just about any premise…and who could pass up a demonic cello that possesses a woman’s mentally handicapped daughter?!? Sure, there is more story than that…like why the cello is haunting the woman, why she is taking pills, why she hallucinates when she hears Bach’s D-minor Chacone…and many more fun things! The music selection is pretty cool for a horror movie; when else will you hear Vivaldi’s Concerto for 2 Cellos in G minor in a movie trailer? During undergrad I got my entire cello section together in october to watch this movie…and it was a ton of fun. Just try not to giggle when you see the tape cassette.