paganini - moses variations as a cello duet!

Variations for One String on a theme from Rossini's "Mosè in Egitto"  (arr. Thomas Demenga)

Patrick & Thomas Demenga (cello)

Ah, the demenga brothers. Paganini’s “moses variations” for cello….arranged for 2 cellos. There is NO possible way to listen to this and hate it (ok, i know the opening is slow, but that’s the way the piece is. Wait for the REAL fireworks at the end). I wish there was sheet music for it. gah. Oh well…at least I’ll get to see them play it live at the Piatigorsky Festival. If you like this, go buy their album. You’ll love the rest of it. Their playing of popper’s suite for 2 cellos is about as close to perfect as they come.

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Cello Duets
By Patrick And Thomas Demenga