no concerti have cadenzas like paganini concerti

Violin Concerto No. 1 in D major, Op. 6 : I : Allegro maestoso (cadenza only)

Salvatore Accardo, Charles Dutoit and London Philharmonic

So, the high point in most classical/romantic concertos is the point where the soloist gets to take over and brag that they are a badass…and nothing really says showoff like a cadenza. if any of you have been following me for a while you’ll likely remember the post I had about Starker’s cadenza for Haydn D and how beastly it was. Some are graceful and gorgeous in their simplicity (Mozart Piano Concerto #17, mvt 2 comes to mind) and others are technically insane but gripping (Brahms Violin Concerto, either the Joachim or Kreisler cadenza are fantastic….especially listen to the Kreisler one, its less common and Christian Ferras plays it BEAUTIFULLY).

Granted, one of the new CDs i have in my library is the complete Paganini violin works by Salvatore Accardo…and after listening to that…you have to admit NO other concertos have cadenzas like the paganini violin concertos. Above is just the cadenza from the first movement from the D major violin concerto, where Accordo is playing what sounds like an augmented version of Emile Sauret’s cadenza (you’ll notice how different it is near the end). It sounds like a technical nightmare. Every range of the violin is covered…every type of double stop, every type of ricochet bowing….every shift distance….hahahahha. Accardo plays it quite gracefully and very articulately…and its worth a listen if you’ve never heard it before. 

PS. If you like the clarity of Accardo’s playing, I highly recommend his recording of the Dvorak violin concerto…though he is best known for his performances of Paganini (first violinist to ever record all 6 concertos, and i believe he wrote his own cadenzas for concertos 2-6), Bach and Vivaldi.

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You can find this concerto on both of these collections. The CD on the right is certainly the more affordable option.