mahler's favorite dessert


    Today I was digging through the index of Henry-Louis de La Grange's Gustav Mahler, Vol 4: A New Life Cut Short (1907-1911), looking for any additional information I could use in my essay i'm revising on the historically ambiguous relationship between Mahler and Stauss (Richard, of course), when I see APPENDIX 31 way back on page 1716, containing a recipe for Mahler's favorite dessert. Marillenknödel ('apricot dumplings', for those who don't speak German) is a traditional Viennese dessert where apricots are wrapped in a dough, gently simmered in water and then rolled in melted butter with sugar and cinnamon. My favorite part is that after you peel and pit the apricots, you put a big dab of sugar where the stones used to be before sandwiching it back together and encasing it in dough. While in Mahler's time they were usually made with a potato dough, La Grange provides 3 additional dough variations: pâte à choux (cream puff dough), Strudel dough and cheese pastry. In modern Vienna, you can even find them with the dough replace with ice cream (in which you clearly wouldn't boil them) and the butter/cinnamon-sugar exterior is replaced with chopped nuts/streusel.Too bad Appendix 31 is so far back I'm sure most people don't even know its there.

     If anyone is looking for a dessert project, I say put on Gustav's Symphony No. 5 and make a dozen of these! For those of you who can't go to the university library and copy the recipe out of the back, there are many recipes available online you can use.