danse macabre and pumpkins


     Sometimes you stumble upon something that you must share with others. This is one of those things. Chris, a fellow musicologist on Tumblr, posted this picture. Death, with his fiddle, carved into a pumpkin. Hopefully, any good music student would instantly think of Saint-Saën's famous Danse Macabre, and now I wish this was my pumpkin and I could turn all the lights off except the candle inside and listen to the piece. I would never have thought of carving something musical like this on a pumpkin, but I have to say I'm inspired now. Should I find anymore music-inspired pumpkins around the web, I'll make sure to share them. 

Danse Macabre, Op. 40 - Leopold Stokowski and National Symphony Orchestra

Get the recording mentioned in this post:

The most similar to the recording above is Stokowski conducting the Philadelphia Orchestra. However, the one I have is the recording on the right, which features Lorin Maazel and ORTF Orchestra. What's unique about this recording is that Lorin Maazel is both the conductor and solo violin.