when life gives you a good soundtrack...

     Today I was waiting at a stoplight in LA, listening to KUSC which had just started to play the main theme from Superman (1978) when I got a notification on my phone. Like the rule-abiding citizen I am, I instantly reach down to check my phone and see an e-mail from the person who is writing my second letter of recommendation. Its a yes. The melody blazes and I do a little dance in the seat and then proceed onward. I had an insanely big smile on my face the next two hours and the cashier at Trader Joe's definitely though I was either having a stroke on coming onto them. Oh well. I have great relationships with both people I have writing letters for me, know they will be able to say great things...and I'm sure it also doesn't hurt one went to Harvard and the other went to New England Conservatory. Now that the letters are out of the way...now to tackle the cover letter, finish revising my essays and suffer through the GRE.

    Back in July, a Boston University undergrad who had read my blog contacted me and we've been e-mailing ever since (mostly over our shared love of Mahler). Last night, they e-mailed me and asked for advice on an essay...and I was immensely flattered. The internet can be such a great thing at times...you can share something you're passionate about with the great wide unknown and find someone on the other side of the continent (or even the world) that shares that understanding. It has such a power to bring people together...and I hope to make many more connections with people in the future.

    Here's the opening credits from Superman. Skip to 1:30 if you want to hear the main theme. Its been stuck in my head all day. One of John William's most memorable melodies.