haunted instruments, redux

so a year ago, I suggested everyone watch the 2005 Korean psychological thriller/horror movie Cello in order to prepare for Halloween (trailer above). Its not so much an American-style horror movie as it is about suspense. I'm also not saying its amazing, but hey...a horror movie about a cello possessed with a dead girl's spirit who is out for revenge all while playing some Bach*? Who can complain about that?

However, its not a movie you can easily find (I had to order the DVD online from Korea several years ago) so you can imagine how excited I was when today I found the full film, along with the English subtitles for those of us who aren't multi-lingual, on YouTube! If you see the trailer above and think you want to see it...watch at the link below. Make some popcorn, turn off the lights and enjoy!

*Disclaimer : While the first movement of Vivaldi's Concerto for Two Celli in G minor appears in the trailer, you won't hear it in the movie. However, you will hear Bach/Gounod's "Ave Maria", the Gigue from the Second Unaccompanied Cello Suite in D minor and the Chaconne from Bach's Partita for Solo Violin No. 2 in D minor appears multiple times as sort of the "possession" theme (transcribed for cello, of course!).